Daimler Trucks North America LLC

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We Invest in Our People

We are dedicated to acquiring, training and retaining the most diverse talent in the world. We respect how important your life is outside of work, and help you maintain it. Let us set the stage to help you thrive in your career.


Find Solutions. With you.

Driving Innovation
through Diversity

We welcome bright, ambitious people from all walks of life to help us solve the world's most challenging technological and manufacturing problems. As the most recent census shows, North America is becoming more culturally diverse every year. This means our customers come from a myriad of beliefs and backgrounds. We are sensitive to their perspectives, and also ensure our strength and relevance by maintaining wide-ranging viewpoints within our organization. Visit our diversity page to see how it makes us strong.


Respecting Your Life Inside and Outside the Company

We expect our employees to give us their all, but not everything they have. Family, friends, and time away from work help renew our employees' creativity and fuel their drive. See how we balance work and life to maintain our productivity.