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Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

Purpose. Products. Results.

We believe innovation must be propelled by twin purposes: addressing market needs and resolving customer challenges. Our ethic of innovation is firmly rooted in Daimler’s unparalleled engineering expertise as a global transportation leader, as well as the deep experience of our North American truck brands.

Currently, innovation at Daimler Trucks North America is focused on increasing fuel efficiency and improving the reliability of our products. For example, the selective catalytic reduction in our fuel-efficient severe duty trucks was inspired by technology developed to scrub power plant emissions. The result is industry-leading “clean drive” technologies that don’t sacrifice power for fuel economy.

Hybrid and natural gas vehicles.

Our hybrid and natural gas vehicles meet federal and state requirements for green vehicle funding programs, making a smart business investment even more affordable. Our customers are responding with enthusiasm: The 1,000th hybrid electric vehicle—a Freightliner Business Class® M2 106—rolled off the assembly line in January 2011. The 1,000th natural gas-fueled vehicle was delivered in November 2011.

Innovation Truck - Bringing purpose to innovation.

As the industry leader in aerodynamics, we employ computerized fluid dynamics modeling to simulate shapes, test, and analyze them in our own wind tunnel. And thanks to Daimler’s global technology experience in passenger cars and commercial vehicles our products incorporate a myriad of safety options, including anti-lock brakes, obstacle detection systems, and lane departure warnings.

From the first studio sketch to the final comfort-enhancing detail, Daimler Trucks North America brings purpose to performance.

Vehicle Safety

Daimler Trucks North America leads the way in new technologies and products that emphasize our commitment to safety.